Accusing Russia of Attacking French Presidential Candidate 'Absurd'

  • Accusing Russia of Attacking French Presidential Candidate 'Absurd'

Accusing Russia of Attacking French Presidential Candidate 'Absurd'

A French Jewish MP on Sunday reminded presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of "Europe's unremitting debt to the Jewish people" after the far-right politician raised objections to dual-citizenship, which, if enforced, would require French Israelis to choose between the two countries.

Russia Today said it rejected allegations it spread fake news in general and in relation to Macron and the upcoming French election.

"Official Moscow has never engaged in this, does not intend to engage in this in the future and is not going to put up when someone is trying to interfere in our own affairs from outside", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday, according to the state-run Russian news outlet Sputnik.

RT and Sputnik echoed the denials.

The Opinionway poll showed Le Pen would get 42 percent of votes compared to 58 percent for Fillon if the scandal-hit Fillon made it through to the second round - Le Pen's highest second-round estimate by polls so far this year.

Fillon, who has seen his lead evaporate amid a "fake jobs" scandal involving his wife, has spoken positively about improving relations with Russian Federation. He insists she played a real role.

A day earlier, a group of around 20 MPs from the party has said they could no longer bring themselves to campaign on his behalf.

The media reports about Macron emerged from Russian Federation as erstwhile poll favorite Francois Fillon, a conservative who speaks positively of Putin, was hit by a scandal which has badly affected his election chances.

Macron last week denied he was cheating on his wife with the head of French radio.

In an election campaign which has sunk into smear and sleaze, Macron on February 7 was also forced to kill rumors of a gay relationship outside his marriage to Brigitte Trogneux. I'm saying that there is that [fake news] on one side and hundreds if not thousands of attacks on our digital system, on our data and websites.

"They should pass on the message to Russian media not to relay false rumours", he told AFP, adding that he would remain "vigilant".