Now You Can Have The Taco Bell Wedding Of Your Dreams

  • Now You Can Have The Taco Bell Wedding Of Your Dreams

Now You Can Have The Taco Bell Wedding Of Your Dreams

Taco Bell has yet to reveal the exact date when weddings will be available.

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Taco Bell is opening a chapel in its Las Vegas Strip Cantina location and has put together an entire wedding package couples can order right off the menu.

Taco Bell will soon allow die-hard customers to get married in its flagship restaurant in Las Vegas.

The restaurant, which actually has a wedding chapel, will offer couples a "Wedding Package" complete with a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, Sauce Packet wedding bouquet, "Just Married" t-shirts, Taco Bell champagne flutes and a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake.

"I love that we are taking Taco Bell all the way to wedding bells".

If you're a huge Taco Bell fan that also wants to get married to your significant other on the cheap, I've got some fantastic news for you. Among the options: a $60 "2 a.m. Bachelor Party Feast" card; a $25 "The Wedding Night" card; and a $30 "Thank You Card-a-Thon" card.

"In a town known for pulling out all of the stops, we think this will be the most craveable matrimonial experience to ever hit Vegas", Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer at Yum! "From sauce-packet proposals to couples catering their wedding parties and afterparties with Taco Bell, we have known for years that some of our most creative fans have been incorporating Taco Bell into this momentous occasion", she said.

What does the wedding package include?

That's right, if you don't win this queso-studded affair, you'll still be able to celebrate your nuptials at this flagship 'Bell because starting summer 2017, it's a wedding free-for-all.

A Cantina also is in the works for Newport Beach.