A new WWE Champion was crowned at Elimination Chamber

  • A new WWE Champion was crowned at Elimination Chamber

A new WWE Champion was crowned at Elimination Chamber

Cena won the title from Styles at the WWE Royal Rumble to tie Ric Flair's record of 16 world titles.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: American Alpha (-4500 favourites) vs. Afterwards, the Usos had a message for American Alpha. During the Chamber match itself, Cena eliminated The Miz. Corbin sent Ambrose through a table via the deep six. So, Daniel Bryan stepped in on "Talking Smack" and let the world know what they were planning on doing.

The pick of the three matches was arguably the last candidate to be so - veteran Natalya and Nikki Bella put on a stellar performance in what was probably the match of the latter's career so far. So it was good to see James fake an injury against Becky Lynch only to attack unannounced and steal the pin, even if the execution wasn't necessarily flawless. Mickie looks to have hurt her shoulder or elbow after Becky blasts her off the apron to the floor. They start brawling on the stage.

Spain: I love Becky, but I think Mickie's first feud on SmackDown needs to have her win the first encounter. I do have to admit, I wouldn't mind Ziggler show up to a few NXT shows (like what Cesaro once did) and focus on keeping down the younger talent.

Naomi gave us the first of Elimination Chamber's big title win shockers by besting Alexa Bliss for the SmackDown Women's Championship. From a SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles run, through Luke Harper's dissension and eventual departure from the group, every month has brought a new and interesting wrinkle to Orton and Bray's dynamic. Harper attacks his former brother, smashing him into the security barrier and then lays him out with a big boot.

Jarrett back running TNA: The Wrestling Observer reported Total Nonstop Action co-founder Jeff Jarrett has replaced John Gaburick as the head of Impact Wrestling.

But Styles was reenergised and he overpowered Cena and hit a Styles Clash before reaching another two count in the breathless and frantic match. AJ Styles comes flying out of the ring with a forearm shot to Wyatt on the floor at ringside. Styles says Cena isn't jumping the line tonight. Cena attempts an AA, but Bray gets out and attempts the Sister Abigail. The wins by Naomi and Wyatt were well-deserved and really added to the show. Harper recently left the Wyatt Family and now will be the time he is pushed as a singles wrestler once again Harper is capable of being a main even player and this match showcased exactly why. Bray breaks it up and lays out both Cena and AJ. He said that this isn't about Cena but rather him. In fantasy land, I'd like for TJ to storm the ring and help Natalya to victory setting up a couples match at Mania with Cena. Not only did their initial feud quickly turn into a surprising partnership, but just when it appeared as if their SmackDown tag team championship reign had the makings to be permanent, in-fighting within the Wyatt Family led to the duo dropping the belts 23 days later. With Bray Wyatt taking the WWE Championship from John Cena at the most recent pay-per-view, it's all but guaranteed that he'll face Orton on April 2 in Orlando. She is heading into WrestleMania as SmackDown Women's Champion, met after the match with an affectionate arena full of "you deserve it!" chants.