Dogs Don't Like Rude, Unhelpful People

  • Dogs Don't Like Rude, Unhelpful People

Dogs Don't Like Rude, Unhelpful People

New research by scientists at Kyoto University has found that dogs judge humans based on how they treat other people, New Scientist reports. So when your dog doesn't like someone - or it seems to think that you're the jerk - take it seriously.

When the second actor was helpful, the monkey made no preference on where to receive the reward. In fact, they utilize that knowledge when determining how they should act around the humans they see on a daily basis. However, they tended to choose the passive actor if the first actor refused to lend a hand.

As it turns out, the dogs accepted the treats from the actors who showed initiative to help and care. In some cases, the actor would open the container, and in others the actor would refuse. But when the companion refused to help, the dog more often took food from the struggler. Dogs may be more in touch with our feelings than we thought, so next time you're acting rude or unhelpful, just remember that your dog is watching and probably judging you.

The study concluded that this majority choice to refuse the treat from the rude person is a direct connection to dogs' ability to understand helpfulness and fairness - as well as maintain a certain level of social awareness regardless of the species around them.

When one bystander helped open the container, the dogs did not favor the helpful one over the passive one.

In 2011, the same university conducted an experiment that showed dogs preferred people who gave beggars food, compared to those who did not. The results, the researchers argued, suggest that both dogs and monkeys have a sense of morality similar to that of human babies: "If somebody is behaving antisocially, they probably end up with some sort of emotional reaction to it", study author James Anderson, an animal behavior researcher at Kyoto University in Japan, told New Scientist. "I think that in humans there may be this basic sensitivity towards antisocial behavior in others".

The comparative psychologists stated that the experiments showed dogs and monkeys among other pets possess a sense of what is morally right or wrong and respond appropriately to it. So don't be a jerk - at least not when you're with your dog.