Google Doodle: An awareness campaign/love story

  • Google Doodle: An awareness campaign/love story

Google Doodle: An awareness campaign/love story

Google unveiled a special surprise for Web surfers this Valentine's Day eve.

The interactive Doodle allows users to control a rolling, jumping pangolin. It is the world's most trafficked animal, with more than 1 million taken from their natural habitats to be eaten or used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The animal charity hopes to raise awareness for the pangolin and has included a link for players to donate to the cause.

The Google team has created over 2000 doodles and there is a team of illustrators, called "doodlers", and engineers that are behind each and every doodle you see. Skip the box of chocolates and symbolically adopt a pangolin to aid conservation efforts for $55.

But still in keeping with the love theme, they made it into a game where you help these two lovestruck pangolins, who are in a long-distance letter-writing affair, have their first date on Valentine's Day itself.

The interactive games have been featured on Google's homepage since February 11, in the week leading up to World Pangolin Day on February 18. In India, the pangolin learns to write music to woo his mate; in China, the pangolin learns to dance and in the Phillippines, he learns the art of flower arrangement. In September, however, worldwide trading of the species was fully banned, and just three months later, China seized its largest haul ever of pangolin scales, at 3.1 tons, in Shanghai.

As you go through the game, you'll have to pick up different items to rack up points, and earn as many stars as possible.

After creating a handsome bouquet of flowers for his love, the pangolin eventually spots his scaly sweetheart in the distance, surrounded by the sunset's glow.