Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy To Be Sony's Next Flagship Character

  • Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy To Be Sony's Next Flagship Character

Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy To Be Sony's Next Flagship Character

With its stunning art, story-driven gameplay and recognisable characters, Horizon Zero Dawn looks like the kind of game that could easily become a franchise.

Due to arrive later this month for those in North America, Guerrilla Games' bold new IP has generated a lot of buzz for its robotic dinosaurs and sprawling open world, but Sony believes it is the game's flame-haired protagonist, Aloy, that will really resonate with players. Aside from looking gorgeous as ever - some impressive visuals - it makes it easy to understand the world the game takes place in.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" gameplay videos are popping up just in time for the game's release.

"Pre-orders are in line with our expectations".

"The concern came after the game was in development".

As seen below in the video courtesy of Game Clips and Tips, Horizon: Zero Dawn fans are given a block of almost seven somewhat unedited minutes from a direct capture of the title's gameplay during a preview event at Guerrilla Games' headquarters in Amsterdam.

Copies of Horizon Zero Dawn are already out in the wild, and one player says the Very Hard difficulty mode is available from the beginning.

It's out on February 28th for PlayStation 4. You will notice subtle details such as branches swaying in the wind and more details to the machines. I hope you'll enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. It's got a great studio behind it and what we've revealed so far has been really well received.

Edwards' comments arrive alongside a pair of new gameplay videos for Horizon Zero Dawn, which spotlight two of the robo-dinos populating Guerrilla's post-post-apocalyptic RPG: the Behemoth (Transport Class), and the Stormbird (Combat Class).

"From the moment the game was announced, we were inundated with requests from enthusiastic partners, eager to join our licensing program".

The Embargo date of Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to go live by February 20.