Ultra Street Fighter II's first-person "Unleash! Ha 'Do' Ken" mode revealed

  • Ultra Street Fighter II's first-person

Ultra Street Fighter II's first-person "Unleash! Ha 'Do' Ken" mode revealed

The mode, that was first teased in the first trailer for the game is created specially for use with Joy-Con controllers. Not sure what it means exactly other than a potential play on words. The box of the game has already surfaced namely that gives a lot of information about the game. Also, a screenshot shows a timer and multiple Shadaloo Soldiers, making it look like rail shooter mini-game mode.

As spotted by some eagle-eyed fans in the Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers reveal trailer, the new Switch exclusive version of Capcom's legendary versus brawler includes a first-person mode.

Currently, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Chapter is still without a release date. "Ha "DO" ken", and it's worth noting that the character for "DO" had been replaced from the original kanji. "HaDOken", that appears to be a time-based, combo-scored battle against Shadaloo soldiers. Probably, it's a mode which allows you to hold the Joy-Con and shoot hadoken.

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The box for Ultra Street Fighter II also reveals that the game will have an art gallery of some sort, with players able to view more than 250 pages of artwork.

There is also a logo from Capcom's main game engine on the box, MT Framework. Fresh news now confirms a brand new first-person mode. A number of fighters, including M. Bison can be seen on screen at once, reports Gematsu. New details on the game's progress will be posted.