3rd allegation emerges against ex-MSU gymnastics coach

  • 3rd allegation emerges against ex-MSU gymnastics coach

3rd allegation emerges against ex-MSU gymnastics coach

Jamie White represents 10 plaintiffs in civil actions against Nassar and Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and Twistars, where Nassar spent decades as a sports doctor.

A motion containing new allegations against Klages was filed in Grand Rapids on February 14. The woman says Klages was her coach when she was a teenager in a Michigan State youth program.

He also confirmed that it was Klages who told his client's mother that "Nassar's digital penetrations of (the athlete's) vagina was a proven medical treatment".

Dr. Larry Nassar, who treated several U.S. Olympic athletes, and is the former Spartans team doctor, is being accused of sexual assault.

White says the issue isn't the work the department has been doing, it's the need to truly put an end to a culture of silence.

"Out of respect to the university and the gymnastics program in particular, Ms. Klages believes it is in everyone's best interests for her to retire from her current position at MSU", Bobryk said.

MSU gymnastics head coach Kathie Klages retired amid her suspension from MSU on February 14, MSU spokesperson Jason Cody confirmed via email.

"You shared with the team your highly emotional sense of shock regarding the allegations against Dr. Nassar".

"I think they have a hard time separating themselves from the University", Mittleman said.

Coach Kathie Klages was suspended Monday. On Tuesday, hours after new allegations related to what she knew about Nassar's alleged conduct surfaced in court documents, Klages announced her retirement.

After Klages's suspension and the recent sexual assault investigation of three football players and staff member went public, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis canceled his planned national tour of college basketball games-Hollis is the chairman of the NCAA men's basketball committee.

Nassar has pleaded not guilty to all of his accusations and denied any wrongdoing.

Jane IMSU Doe confirmed to Klages that Nassar had penetrated her during her visit, to which Klages responded by feigning normalcy, saying there would be no reason to address it. Jane IMSU Doe developed an eating disorder and suffered from depression after beginning her visits to Nassar.

"John Manly, a California-based attorney who represents almost two dozen women who have sued MSU and Nassar, said Monday that Klages' suspension ".points out now more than ever why there needs to be a fully independent investigation of MSU".

The school and the university police department are conducting a total of four investigations related to Nassar.

MSU police have been working the case for 6 months and the department says for another investigator to step in there would be a steep learning curve. Bobryk added that Klages trusted Nassar to "competently and ethically" treat the gymnasts. Assaults are reported to have taken place at a gymnastics center outside Lansing and at USA Gymnastics events, but the lawsuit states that "most victims were assaulted at MSU".

The woman said yes. Numerous allegations date back decades and involve medical appointments.