GOP senators are split on whether to investigate Flynn's Russian Federation ties

  • GOP senators are split on whether to investigate Flynn's Russian Federation ties

GOP senators are split on whether to investigate Flynn's Russian Federation ties

The White House has been aware of the justice department warnings for "weeks", an administration official said, although it was unclear whether Mr Trump and Mr Pence had been alerted.

The growing questions about Russia's relations with the Trump administration prompted USA lawmakers, including some leading Republicans, to call for a deeper inquiry into not just Flynn's actions but broader White House ties to Russian Federation.

Lt. Gen. Flynn's resignation came three days after congressional Democrats called for an investigation into conversations between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Mr. Trump's inauguration, during which the two allegedly discussed U.S. sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama administration - a serious breach of diplomatic protocol.

US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned on Monday, admitting that he gave senior officials of the Donald Trump administration an "incomplete" account of his dealings with the Russian ambassador to the US.

Mr Flynn's discussions with the Russian raised questions about whether Mr Flynn offered assurances about the incoming administration's new approach.

No one has been prosecuted under the more-than-200-year-old Logan Act, which forbids the private conduct of diplomacy, but if Flynn didn't tell the truth to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he could be at risk of prosecution.

Counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Monday that Trump had "full confidence" in Flynn, while press secretary Sean Spicer said on the same day that the president was still "evaluating the situation" and consulting with Pence. Reps. John Conyers of MI and Elijah Cummings of Maryland called Flynn "unfit" to be national security adviser and said he should have been dismissed weeks ago.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, along with the committee's top Democrat, Sen.

Several House Democrats had already called on Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz to launch an investigation into Mr Flynn's ties to Russian Federation.

But he ultimately asked for Mr Flynn's resignation based on a "trust issue" and not a legal one, Mr Spicer added.

Trump himself has been under fire for his repeated refusal to disavow Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And the White House can act all sanctimonious and tell us how it won't tolerate threats to our national security while the biggest threat is still looking in the Oval Office mirror making sure his orange tan has been sprayed on properly and his wistful combover isn't blowing away. Fuck yeah he did, and the White House needs to stop acting like it didn't know.

In calling for a stepped-up investigation of Trump and Russia, Democratic lawmakers are renewing demands that Trump release his tax returns, saying they would show any financial relationship with Russia. On Friday, Trump said he didn't know about reports that Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian Federation.

At that point, another reporter jumped in to summarize what the Washington Post was reporting, and Trump said, "I haven't seen that". But Trump was not; both he and President Barack Obama were briefed on the extensive contact between the Russian operatives and the Trump aides. And by night's end Mike Flynn had decided it was best to resign. "We're going to do our job".

But it was not known what the Trump administration did.