Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch hearing set for March 20

  • Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch hearing set for March 20

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch hearing set for March 20

As parents of two young children, proud Missoulians and attorneys who value the rule of law, we strongly believe that the United States must have an independent judiciary to serve as a check on extreme and unconstitutional policies that threaten our democracy.

"It's time for him to have the opportunity to speak for himself before the Judiciary Committee", said U.S. Sen.

President Trump's Supreme Court nominee will need support of at least eight Democrats to move to a confirmation vote. The judge recently submitted a 68-page response to the committee's questionnaire for judicial nominees, and provided financial disclosures. The Court's term ends in late June.

The Judiciary Committee hearings are expected to span several days and draw intense public scrutiny.

Former President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, for the role in March, but Senate Republicans refused to give him a confirmation hearing, in hopes of their party taking back the White House - and their gamble paid off when Trump won.

A number of Senate Democrats have promised to use all available means by which to block the nomination. Elizabeth Warren, have already promised to oppose his nomination. Now 60 votes are needed to stop a filibuster. However, at least nine Democrats have publicly committed to holding a floor vote on the nomination, nearly assuring his confirmation. There are 52 Republicans in the Senate.

It is not unusual for lawmakers to vote in favor of ending filibusters while voting against a nominee on a floor vote.

But it remains unclear whether Democrats, in the Senate minority, ultimately will try and block his nomination with a filibuster.