ZTE's Gigabit Phone is a Stepping Stone to 5G

  • ZTE's Gigabit Phone is a Stepping Stone to 5G

ZTE's Gigabit Phone is a Stepping Stone to 5G

4G LTE networks are a thing of the past as tech companies are now focusing on 5G which will provide even faster data speeds on mobile devices.

ZTE said the device is a "forward-looking smartphone" for the 5G era, though the standard is only expected to be finalised in 2020 or later.

The company has announced that it will launch a new smartphone, named as Gigabit Phone, during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, which will take place in Barcelona. The phone will also feature some Hi-Fi music components in the phone (perhaps something like the Quad DAC on the V20, hopefully) as well as support for Daydream.

The Axon 7, ZTE's current flagship phone.

Straight from the mouth of babes, ZTE has announced what it plans to showcase at this year's Mobile World Congress 2017, happening February 27 in Barcelona.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the phone, so we don't know the specs or the price. More details of the smartphone are still under wraps.

Besides the awesome download speeds - ZTE did not share details of how the phone will achieve such fast connectivity - the Gigabit Phone will also have the ability to create panoramic, 360-degree video, and it will come with "instant cloud storage". It's good to see that smartphone makers are future-proofing their phones to be ready for newer experiences and technological innovations well in advance.