Google Pixel 2 is coming and it will be expensive

  • Google Pixel 2 is coming and it will be expensive

Google Pixel 2 is coming and it will be expensive

While the arrival of the Pixel 2 later this year has managed to get numerous fans of the device very excited, the head of Google's hardware department also gave some disheartening (albeit not unexpected) news - the Pixel 2 would be expensive.

Since the rumour claims that smartphone is not likely to carry the Pixel branding, it is quite likely that the upcoming handset could be an Android One phone that is targeted at emerging markets. Further, Rick added that this year's Google Pixel will continue the premium price tag legacy. "You can (also) count on a successor this year, even if you don't hear a date from me now", he told Android Pit's Eric Hermann. Users of Google's Allo app had access to Google Assistant in a way, though, so most of you probably already tried it out in one form or the other. According to MobiPicker, it is highly possible for Google to rename the device Pixel 7 but "Nexus 7" appears to be more recognizable in a global perspective.

As for now, it can not be confirmed whether this phone will come without a Pixel branding or if it will indeed take after the mentioned Android One branding. At present, the company is working on the next smartphone, reported GSM Arena. That said, the two security patch updated fixed an issue related to "Android partners with the flexibility to more quickly fix a subset of vulnerabilities that are similar across all Android devices.".

The feature appears to be live on any phones that have Assistant enabled, so it should be rolling out with the version being delivered as part of the large-scale Google Play Services update. For 2017, the next device is expected to receive many improvements which include more storage, RAM, and improved chipset. The memory is also improved. "So, you can count on us to follow it", Osterloh said. The Pixel 2, along with the budget smartphone, will most probably be released in the month of October, just like past year. So if Google is making its mark, it's still a small one relative to the Samsung empire, which also runs on Google's Android operating system.

In addition to better security features offered by CopperheadOS, the company commits "to releasing updates for long as Google guarantees support since their releases are necessary for full security updates".

The Pixel, with the built-in personal Google Assistant, has the highest rated smartphone camera.