Hyundai Futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept can do 800+ kilometres on hydrogen

  • Hyundai Futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept can do 800+ kilometres on hydrogen

Hyundai Futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept can do 800+ kilometres on hydrogen

The power density of the fuel cell stack is increased by 30 percent, boosting range substantially over the third-generation technology.

Hyundai is showcasing its commitment to green technology with the introduction of the FE Fuel Cell Concept, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with 490 miles of range. Hyundai claims that the FE Concept is capable of traveling almost 500 miles on a single tank of hydrogen fuel.

While the Tucson Fuel Cell was rated at 265 miles of range, and its 0-to-60-mph acceleration was a leisurely 12.5 seconds, the new FE concept improves on one of those areas in a big way. In the trunk the FE Fuel Cell Concept houses an electric scooter recharged in its own port - and the cabin even features an air humidifier responsible for recycling the water emitted by the hydrogen energy circulation.

It is expected that the FE Fuel Cell Concept will be brought to life in an SUV.

In early 2017 at the Davos World Economic Forum, Hyundai Motor Company joined the launch of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative to promote the development and commercialization of fuel cell cars as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. This follows two decades at the forefront of hydrogen vehicle development, most recently with the ix35 Fuel Cell (Tucson Fuel Cell in some markets), which in 2013 became the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle, and is now on sale in 17 countries around the world. However, its sales have been very light so far. Yes, that's nearly twice the range of a Tucson Fuel Cell.

While Hyundai said little in Geneva about the challenges of developing a workable, widespread hydrogen fueling infrastructure, the production version will likely be offered State-side only in the state of California to start with.

The concept auto includes an internal air humidifier that recycles water emitted by the car's fuel cell - it combines hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity used to power the electric motor, and water - creating a more comfortable cabin environment.

Hyundai is also showcasing the Ioniq line-up at the Geneva Motor Show with the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid taking center stage.

FE or Future Eco concept uses fourth generation fuel cell technology which according to the company is 20% lighter and offers 10% higher efficiency that that which was seen in the ix35 Fuel Cell.