Honda's Fernando Alonso says everyone can win in F1 'except Honda'

  • Honda's Fernando Alonso says everyone can win in F1 'except Honda'

Honda's Fernando Alonso says everyone can win in F1 'except Honda'

But the chassis feels good, it is responding well to changes and I am happy with the balance and how it attacks the corners. "If everything is in the wrong direction, I will attack next year". "We do 40 laps every day, so we are like in day two of testing for everyone else". We're hoping to get some solid track time as it'll be our last chance before Australia.

Right now Alonso is driving a vehicle that will not finish the first race of the season, which is going to be very far in the classification by the pole and that leads way to be the negative protagonist of a year that may be the last in Formula 1 of Fernando. We have only one problem, which is the power unit. "Ok, we now have some problems, but it hasn't affected my confidence in any way". "We are McLaren, one of the best teams that has already solved tough situations in the past", he said. "We are not really in an ideal situation, but we are working hard for the team, our driving style is similar and we both have the same comments about the vehicle, which is good for developing in the right direction".

McLaren has been plagued by issues across the two four-day tests and, while their rivals have been clocking laps by completing multiple race and qualifying simulations, McLaren-Honda has been dealing with various failures within the power unit.

Electrical problems restricted the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team driver to 32 laps during the morning session, and only returned to the track with around two hours of the afternoon session remaining, although he could only manage an additional 16 laps. "Everything feels good, but when you arrive to normal speed, you'll know what is going to happen". However, the question still remains, will they have enough power in the engine. "When people go pessimistic, I go optimistic".

He added: "I feel confident that this year we will be competitive". He went on to say that he still thinks he's a good driver and won't quit.

"If the others start braking later than me and accelerating earlier, then I know it is time to stop", Alonso, 35, is quoted as saying by the Spanish press in Barcelona. I believe that we have a good electrical motor - similar or equal to the best - as we can deploy all the way down the straights nearly into the braking areas, so we're doing well in that area. What I see on the track, what I see myself, it's at the best level.

On turn 3 at the Circuit de Catalunya - is Fernando able to take this flat out in the new auto?

"Oh yeah, for us, not only Turn 3", he smiled.