Google startup project launches video sharing app Uptime

  • Google startup project launches video sharing app Uptime

Google startup project launches video sharing app Uptime

It's with that in mind that that Area 120, Google's internal incubator, recently launched Uptime, an experimental app created to make the process of watching videos more of a social activity. It sounds simple enough because it is. This only reminds me of Facebook Live videos that lets you react to what you are seeing on the screen. While watching a video, a multicolored progress bar is displayed around the whole picture.

You can share video clips from within the app, and follow other people to see which videos they're watching.

Google has an incubator, called Area 120, in which employees can working on approved projects during their "20 per cent time". Uptime, a new app from Google, is making the collaborative YouTube experience a bit less unwieldy. Once you log in with your Google account, you are able to see the videos your friends are watching in real-time. Which is why Google has launched Uptime.

Interested users may go ahead and download the Uptime app for free via App Store.

At the moment, it's still very early to judge Uptime, but there's a notable lack of sorting options, though an update can easily add that into the mix. Also missing is the ability to find videos that have already been shared to the network using the search feature. The app is far from flawless though, and it still needs a ton of work. It's up to the developers to tinker with the service, but it's up to the people if it'll get any traction.

Launching a successful video app is no easy feat these days, even with the backing of Google. But Uptime is a fresh new take, combining group messaging with collaborative viewing. You can get an invitation by typing in the code "PIZZA" but we do not know how long this invitation code will work so you want to try it out now.