SSE hits customers with dual fuel energy bills rise

  • SSE hits customers with dual fuel energy bills rise

SSE hits customers with dual fuel energy bills rise

The company added the price change reflected the increasing cost of supplying electricity, and higher costs associated with delivering vital government programmes created to upgrade Britain's ageing energy infrastructure and help the country move towards a low carbon future.

The cost of Government green levies and social schemes have increased industry costs by 2.5 per cent in the past year, but energy companies claim they are the driving force behind much bigger price rises imposed on millions of struggling families. However, it will keep its gas prices unchanged. "But the rise in the cost of supplying energy, along with other factors that make up your bill [such as the cost of meeting Government initiatives and installing smart meters], means we've had to take the hard decision to increase our electricity prices".

United Kingdom households will be collectively paying £736 million more this year for their energy, as seven major suppliers - E.ON, ScottishPower, npower, EDF Energy, First Utility, The Co-operative Energy and now SSE - have announced they will be raising prices for standard plan customers.

Britain's second-biggest energy firm, SSE, yesterday announced a 14.9 per cent increase in electricity tariffs, adding more than £70 to annual bills. Its Retail segment supplies electricity and gas to residential and business customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Scottish Power's standard electricity prices will increase by an average of 10.8% and gas by 4.7% on 31 March.

It also announced at 5.2 per cent cut in gas prices at the same time.

SSE said last night it is launching a £5million fund to protect its poor and vulnerable customers.

"Households reliant on electric heating will be particularly anxious about the effect this price increase will have on their ability to afford to keep warm at home and to run basic appliances such as a washing machine and fridge".

"We would always encourage customers to contact their supplier if they are experiencing difficulties with their energy bills". However, it can be avoided if customers switch to a cheap fixed rate energy tariff.

He said: "The £73 hike is a hammer blow to households with many already struggling to make ends meet". SSE is one of the largest suppliers in Scotland, with the majority of its customers on the more expensive standard variable tariff.

Eon gas prices are inching up 3.8 per cent and electricity is climbing 13.8 per cent.

"And the picture is grim - everyone on a standard tariff from the big six, including British Gas, is being ripped off. The Citizens Advice Service independent online price comparison tool can help people work out how to save money on their energy bills".