Watch Dramatic Police Rescue Of Woman As Cruise Ship Approaches

  • Watch Dramatic Police Rescue Of Woman As Cruise Ship Approaches

Watch Dramatic Police Rescue Of Woman As Cruise Ship Approaches

Marine United Deputy Taner Primmer saved two young women from a bad demise on Saturday, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

A Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a sheriff's deputy teamed up to rescue two spring breakers on a jet ski as a Carnival Cruise ship moved toward them.

Now that this video has pretty much gone viral within the cruising community and the world we're pretty sure there will be no more Jet Skiers in the channel.

A cruise ship passenger on board the Carnival Magic recorded a video of the entire incident, where you can really see just how close the massive vessel came to the two jet skiers.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office said the pilot of the cruise ship Doug Brown was just seconds short of smacking into the girls, but was able to luckily veer inches away, potentially saving their lives.

Fortunately, SeaPort Security Deputy Taner Primmer was in a BCSO boat, patrolling the port for the cruise ship departure.

Brown, a 1982 graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, has been a pilot at Port Canaveral since 2002.

While the ship's captain Doug Brown attempted to steer the ship away, he was limited in how far he could maneuver the vessel.

"I've had some close calls with small pleasure boats". "This was the first time with people in the water, nearly right in front of you".

One of the women had fallen from the jet ski.

Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, and Allison Garrett, 20, were enjoying their spring break in Port Canaveral, Florida, when their vacation almost turned into a catastrophe. Luckily for the two women a Brevard County sheriff was right there to pull them to safely as the cruise ship bore down on them.

Deputies said the winds and current could have pushed the women underneath the ship, making the outcome much different.

The channel, the sheriff's office said, happens to be rather narrow.