Australia hosts Commonwealth Games Gala Dinner welcoming Queen's Baton to Ghana

  • Australia hosts Commonwealth Games Gala Dinner welcoming Queen's Baton to Ghana

Australia hosts Commonwealth Games Gala Dinner welcoming Queen's Baton to Ghana

Two of South Africa's prominent athletes have expressed two distinctly different views to Durban losing its right to host 2022's Commonwealth Games.

Durban presented a revised budget and hosting proposal to the Commonwealth Games Federation over the weekend, but the last-ditch effort to save Africa's first worldwide multi-sport event was not enough. IOA secretary general Rajiv Mehta said they will discuss the possibility but everything will depend on other stakeholders, and of course the Indian government.

Commonwealth Games were last hosted in India in 2010.

Professor Nicola Phillips, Team Wales Chef de Mission for Gold Coast 2018 said: "Not everyone can make it to the Gold Coast, so by bringing the Queen's Baton to Welsh communities we hope to inspire and ignite Welsh pride in our athletes". The South African government was asked to provide Dollars 470 million of that, bid chief executive Tubby Reddy said.

"An event of the scale of the Commonwealth Games would further enhance Perth as a world-class city and destination and greatly stimulate the economy", Scaffidi told AAP in a statement.

The President of the CGF, Louise Martin, said: "The CGF will continue to have an open dialogue with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the Republic of South Africa and remains committed to realising the shared ambitions of a future Commonwealth Games in Africa".

Durban backed out from being a host as the South African government failed to give financial guarantees for the event.

Perth also boasts extensive sports infrastructure and hosted the 1962 Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games are restricted to countries that are members of the Commonwealth, a collection of nations that were mainly once part of the British Empire. We also have all the facilities and stadiums to organise the Games.

"The advantage is we have an very bad lot of what we would need, we have a lot of the infrastructure in place or plan to be worked on".

The CGF said they had completed their review of the "final information" submitted by South Africa on Nov 30 to determine whether their proposals for hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games honoured their original commitments.

The 2018 Games will be held on Australia's Gold Coast.