Franklin Templeton's Zahn: French bonds still unattractive on election risks

  • Franklin Templeton's Zahn: French bonds still unattractive on election risks

Franklin Templeton's Zahn: French bonds still unattractive on election risks

Loeuillet put out a statement on his Facebook page in which he said that he did not "in any way deny the reality of the Shoah", a Jewish term used to refer to the Holocaust.

Asked by Mr Farage whether the British PM snubbed her by inviting her rival Emmanuel Macron to Downing Street, Ms Le Pen said: "Well it seems to be the case".

And as Mr Farage attempted to quiz the French presidential hopeful about France's future as a member of the Schengen Agreement, Ms Le Pen shot in: "Of course, immediately".

FN leader Marine Le Pen is expected to do well in the first round of voting in April's presidential election, but observers suggest she is likely to lose in May's second round. "And yet again the outcome shows that it's the (political) center and right that provide the best bulwark against populism and extremism".

"Great Britain is in charge of its borders, we're in charge of ours and if we leave everything open we are setting the conditions to have more and more migrants who will once again build this awful jungle... because Calais is the last border before Great Britain", Ms Le Pen said.

Ms. Le Pen added: "She is good at getting it wrong but this is rather reassuring!". "As such, the Dutch result may be remembered as the turning point in the popularity of populism for 2017". The British Premier declined to meet her citing a government policy to deal with her Front National party.

He highlighted a rise in the number of seats won by Wilders' party, from 15 to 20, calling that a "partial victory even if not the final victory".

He said Rutte's campaign had undoubtedly been boosted late in the campaign by the confrontation with Turkey, which saw him ban Turkish government politicians from staging rallies in the Netherlands for expatriate voters.

"That is where the populist action is and that is what we should be focusing upon", she said.

And Farage found no time to ask her about an investigation by French prosecutors over allegations that she distributed violent images, nor any to address claims that Le Pen and her estranged father, the former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, failed to declare the full value of family properties.

During the hour-long interview broadcast on Farage's LBC show on Wednesday night, during which Le Pen faced few tough questions, the FN leader said she felt a "sense of relief" after Brexit.