McDonald's Just Deleted This Tweet Savaging Donald Trump

  • McDonald's Just Deleted This Tweet Savaging Donald Trump

McDonald's Just Deleted This Tweet Savaging Donald Trump

Today, that was McDonald's, and the world famous fast food joint had Donald Trump in its sights, calling him a "disgusting excuse of a President" and confirming the long-held belief that he has unusually tiny hands. The tweet stayed up for about twenty minutes before McDonalds deleted it and released an apology, stating their account was hacked. MCD followed the post with its own Tweet telling followers that it had regained control of its accounts.

"Based on our investigation, we have determined that our Twitter account was hacked by an external source".

Twitter implements a two-factor authentication to better defend against hacking attempts to hijack an account.

As you can see in, say, the responses to the Buzzfeed aggregation of this "news", many users of the Twitter service were delighted to see a very large corporation say something insulting to a widely disliked president.

Trump, interestingly, is one of the more fast-food friendly USA presidents in recent years, and is also known to be a prolific Twitter user.

McDonald's on Thursday said its corporate Twitter account had been hacked, after a tweet went out mocking President Trump on Thursday.

While fans of Mr. Trump's may not have been amused, some experts said the tweet could actually help boost McDonald's standing.

The Tweet was even pinned for a time before the social-media cleanup crew could sweep it away-which, as noted above, would seem to dispel the suggestion that it was a employee error. Trump supporters have threatened to boycott the Golden Arches for their act.

Others used it as a reminder that McDonalds was known as a favorite fast food choice of former President, and attempted First Gentleman Bill Clinton.

Usually we'd wait for Trump to respond, but since he has such a thing for the company, we're assuming he might just let this one slide.