PS4 sales made up 51% of 2016's global console market

  • PS4 sales made up 51% of 2016's global console market

PS4 sales made up 51% of 2016's global console market

That console was more successful than the PS3, and eventually became the most successful console of all time in terms of quantity sold, with over 150 million units shifted worldwide. This is because the PS3/Xbox 360 generation was longer than most.

At the moment subscribers to PS Now can stream nearly 500 PS3 games from their PS4 consoles, so expanding the service to include PS4 titles is an exciting prospect that will also be far more useful for gamers who want to enjoy more current titles.

It reported that the official web page of the 500GB PlayStation 3 - the only model still being produced in Japan - states that shipments are scheduled to end soon.

Sony just announced that it is discontinuing the production of the PlayStation 3 in its home country, Japan.

The researchers IHS Markit had shared data regarding the console market in addition to some expectations for this year 2017 now forwarded underlining how Sony is dominating this particular market. My PS3 continues to draw breath, though it is starting to sound a lot like an emphysemic old lady with ninety cats. The PS4 system software version 4.50 adds a handful of new features for the console like support for external hard drives and a Boost Mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to gather wood and fuel for a Viking burial. More than ten years have passed, so if Sony does decide to stop production on this console, it should not be surprising. Following a "soon" tease, further efforts to locate a date hint that it will end sometime this month.

It's obvious production for the console is ending soon since game developers are now releasing games on other consoles instead. I mean, Demon's Souls, the black sheep of the Souls family (and the best one) was, and still is a PS3 exclusive.