Many 'This Is Us' Fans 'Disappointed' by Season 1 Finale

  • Many 'This Is Us' Fans 'Disappointed' by Season 1 Finale

Many 'This Is Us' Fans 'Disappointed' by Season 1 Finale

Centering this episode on Jack and Rebecca's youth in the 1970s and raising a family in the 1980s and '90s instead of on their kids in the present day breaks from the usual "This Is Us" format. Then again, when does a night with the Pearsons not end in tears?

"Stay tuned cause it's all leading somewhere and we're just getting started", Moore ended the note, referencing Jack's sweet final speech where he harkened back to their wedding vows. "Think you're right Dan, people are gonna go insane", Ventimiglia tweeted while sharing a screenshot of him telling Fogelman via text that the finale would "be heartbreaking and handsome".

Last week's reveal that Kate (Chrissy Metz) blames herself for Jack's death would have been a more satisfying season conclusion than what happened here.

After last week's episode of This Is Us, we were expecting to finally see how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) dies, the parting shot of the family patriarch driving away, drunk in his vehicle. Did they fall in love, Miguel and Rebecca? It's suitably poetic that Rebecca's musical aspirations are what brought the couple together and later threaten to tear them apart.

However, episode 18, titled "Moonshadow", kicks off with Jack making it safely to a bar, the same bar Rebecca will be performing at with her band.

That's the flawless state of mind for him to find out that Ben (Sam Trammell) made a move on Rebecca, right? He promises to get help, and to call Ben and apologize. As always, the show split between the past and present, showing in the past how Jack and Rebecca met, and in the "present" (the present here being the 90s), dealing with Jack's drinking as he tries to make it to Rebecca's first big gig.

Rebecca stops them and tells Ben she has to leave to drive Jack home. Hurtful things were said, with the pair shouting over each other.

I can't imagine anyone having an easy time while fighting in the war, so is it possible we will get flashbacks of Jack in his twenties during the conflict? This isn't merely a exhausted housewife, this is a woman at a crossroads, seeking deeper meaning and an identity outside of her family.

What. A. Babe. And I'm not gonna lie-a big part of my brain just decided in this moment that I was in fact watching a 28-year-old Jess Mariano. So what went down for Jack and Rebecca? She's seated at a restaurant, when the scene cuts to Jack - who is at a bar preparing for his heist - when he realizes that he had a date that night that he totally forgot about.

Warning: Spoilers for "This Is Us" Season 1 ahead. The next morning, Rebecca asks Jack to move out ― and move in with Miguel (Jon Huertas) ― so they can have some space. And the sight of her up there, singing her heart out, is enough to make him reconsider the kind of man he wants to be. Jack says to tell them the truth. Jack and Rebecca's relationship started out as nearly ridiculously idyllic, and over the latter half of the season Dan Fogelman and his writing team have gradually exposed the cracks in that illusion-as well as the once-hidden flaws in Jack and Rebecca themselves. She leaves a voicemail telling her husband how much she misses and loves him and wishes he was there. However, Chris Sullivan, who plays older Kate's love interest Toby, said the wedding will be beleaguered with couple issues typically rising in wedding prep.

"I love the mother that you are".

Mandy Moore promised fans would be upset while speaking with Variety earlier this month.

Another big reveal at the end of tonight's episode is that Sterling K. Brown's Randall Pearson tells his wife Beth (Watson), that he wants to adopt a kid.