The Evil Within 2 Might Be In Development, Leaked Document Suggests

  • The Evil Within 2 Might Be In Development, Leaked Document Suggests

The Evil Within 2 Might Be In Development, Leaked Document Suggests

And, gamers from all overlooked forward to playing it. If what we see is true about "The Evil Within 2" coming out in the near future, then we might see more of Mikami's work. According to recent news, Bethesda claims this new version will be one among the best survival horror sequel. But fingers crossed, horror fans - you could get another helping of Evil yet! The game is reminiscent of the original Resident Evil titles, and adds a further dimension to it by incorporating elements of mystery, sci-fi and mysticism which mix really well with the survival horror genre.

However, now that Resident Evil 7 has released to positive reviews it will be interesting to see how The Evil Within 2 can expand out its own fan base.

In The Evil Within, players take control of Sebastian Castellanos through a nightmarishly distorted world as he solved puzzles and defeat nightmare-like enemies.

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A leak published on Neogaf reveals about production of next title of 2014 launched third person survival horror game Evil Within. The game was positively received and many regard it as one of the more underappreciated titles around.

Of course, this is a full-on rumor as nothing has been confirmed by either publisher Bethesda or developer Tango Gameworks.

It is noted in the job posting that the developers are now working on the "The Evil Within" sequel project and are now working on its translation and QA. We'll wait for any official comment from Bethesda or the developer to confirm things, but don't be surprised if E3 2017 has a big reveal for the game. We should still label this as a rumor until an official announcement is made regarding the video game sequel.