Israel attacked in order to prevent North Korean weapons convoy to Hezbollah

  • Israel attacked in order to prevent North Korean weapons convoy to Hezbollah

Israel attacked in order to prevent North Korean weapons convoy to Hezbollah

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday confirmed its first operational use of the advanced Arrow missile defense system, which it said was used to shoot down a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that was sacked at an Israeli jet.

The Israeli military said its jets attacked "several targets" in Syria overnight, but did not confirm what was targeted.

An Israeli army statement said "several anti-aircraft missiles" were fired following the raid, but that none hit their targets, rejecting a Syrian claim that one plane was downed and another damaged.

Syria says Israel and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri militant groups operating inside the Arab country.

Israeli "aircrafts targeted several targets in Syria".

It's a signal perhaps to all concerned that if weapons supplies to Hezbollah continue, then Israel is ready to escalate its air campaign.

Less than a month ago, on February 22, Lebanese reports indicated that Israeli forces had struck an arms convoy outside of Damascus in an attacked carried out from Lebanese airspace.

A few years into the war, Hezbollah joined forces with Assad, sending thousands of its fighters to reinforce Syrian troops.

A source in the Israeli defense establishment told CNN's Sara Sidner at the time: "We will do whatever is necessary to stop the transfer of weapons from Syria to terrorist organizations".

According to a statement by the Syrian Army, a total of four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace on Friday morning, Reuters reports.

An Israeli military spokesman denied a jet had been shot down, adding: "At no point was the safety of Israeli civilians or the IAF (Israeli Air Force) aircraft compromised".

Or, in light of last week's meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed at coordinating strategic interests and actions in Syria, perhaps Damascus felt the need to protest too much clarity between its Russian patron and its Israeli enemy.

There has been sporadic cross-border fire between the two countries since the start of the Syrian war in 2011.

Israeli media said one missile was intercepted by the Arrow system north of Jerusalem. The Israeli radio spoke about a "dramatic night".