Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 vs Xbox One Differences Revealed

  • Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 vs Xbox One Differences Revealed

Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 vs Xbox One Differences Revealed

This can be seen in the video of a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough on a regular PS4 without day one patch.

This past week, Mass Effect Andromeda's character animations became talk of the town in gaming circles, with many noting that not only have they been downgraded since the initial reveal, but that they also look quite poor for a AAA game (note: we're reserving our judgement for our review). And while ten hours may be insufficent to judge the game as a whole, Andromeda's facial animations have come in for criticism.

With Mass Effects release date under a week away, Nvidia has released a video that shows off some of its 4K capabilities along with a small discussion with the games developers about what was involved with the development of the game. The issue is unlikely to be make or break for Andromeda, yet it's odd that, by comparison, the original Mass Effect NPCs seem more animated and alive. That website also accused her of performing sexual acts to get her job at EA. Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be receiving changes made to its character models and animation despite fans negative reception so far. Things took an interesting turn when some folks identified the game's lead facial animator as Allie Rose-Marie Leost, resulting in people directly addressing her on social media.

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Mass Effect Andromeda will be released on March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A fan site posted a vitriolic rant that identified a Vancouver woman as the lead facial animator by name, charging that she had no relevant experience and was merely "an inexperienced cosplayer".

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