40 survive crash landing of plane in Sudan

  • 40 survive crash landing of plane in Sudan

40 survive crash landing of plane in Sudan

At least 14 people injured in the incident were taken to hospital, AFP reported citing State Information Minister Bona Gaudensio.

Photographs from the scene showed fire engines soaking the smouldering wreckage with water.

This post was syndicated from The Independent Uganda:. The plane crashed while I was approaching the airport because I was expecting my friend, who has a letter from Juba to deliver to me.

Ateny said the pilot overshot the runway, dropping onto an unpaved ground.

He said all of the passengers were evacuated from the plane before it was destroyed by the fire.

On social media, images appeared of the plane with smoke billowing from the wrecked fuselage.

United Nations peacekeepers worked with local emergency workers to evacuate passengers from the plane, according to David Shearer, head of the United Nations mission in South Sudan.

Remarkably no one was killed after the South Supreme Airlines plane crashed in high winds in Wau.

As many as 44 people were on board the small plane, belonging to a South Sudanese airline, when it split in two at about 3pm local time.

A plane with 44 passengers on board has crashed and burst into flames in South Sudan, Daily Mirror reports.

"It is miraculous, completely", the South Sudanese presidential spokesperson said.