Google boss apologises over extremist content as clients pull ads

  • Google boss apologises over extremist content as clients pull ads

Google boss apologises over extremist content as clients pull ads

American giant Google, the world's most valuable brand worth more than $109 billion, according to Forbes, has been plunged into crisis with the loss of the banks' advertising.

Havas Australia CEO Mike Wilson tells AdNews the United Kingdom pause on spend is not a global measure, but the agency is closely scrutinising brand safety for clients in Australia.

"The company's European president also said that he would review Google's policies and strengthen enforcement on content that violates the company's terms of service".

"It is therefore vital that Google, DoubleClick and YouTube uphold the highest standards in terms of openness, transparency, and measures to avoid advertising fraud and misplacement in the future", Mr Pemsel said.

United Kingdom retailer Marks & Spencer Group Plc pulled advertising from Alphabet Inc.'s Google, joining other brands fleeing the search engine giant over concerns that their spots were appearing alongside offensive clips on its YouTube video-sharing site. That's clearly an untenable position and explains why British legislators have demanded Google executives appear before them with an explanation.

France's Havas SA, the world's sixth-largest advertising and marketing company, pulled its United Kingdom clients' ads from Google and YouTube on Friday after failing to get assurances from Google that the ads wouldn't appear next to offensive material.

"Digital advertising on platforms where content is user-generated and not curated has inherent brand safety risks".

"In order to ensure brand safety, we are pausing activity across Google platforms whilst the matter is worked through", M&S said in a statement Monday.

"We're not confident that this approach will be sufficient to remedy advertiser concerns", a statement from the group said. "We will make changes to our policies and brand controls for advertisers".

On the other hand, Google UK senior executive Ronan Harris admitted in a blog post that their firm needs to "do a better job". We have placed a temporary restriction on our YouTube advertising pending reassurances from Google that government messages can be delivered in a safe and appropriate way.

"We have always said Google, Facebook and others are media companies and have the same responsibilities as any other media company", Mr Sorrell said. Given that between it and Facebook the digital advertising market rapidly becoming an effective duopoly, losing the Google platform permanently would be a hugely significant decision to take.

He also added that Google was going to improve its efforts to remove "bad content" - albeit in the context of 400 hours of content being uploaded, on average, to YouTube every minute.

In that announcement, it was assumed Google would stop allowing ads to be served against misinformation stating that sites that were "deceptively presenting fake news articles as real" would be in violation.

"We have suspended all Sainsbury's and Argos advertising on the site with immediate effect and are seeking urgent assurances from Google that this issue is being taken seriously and addressed".