Intel Senators: No Indication Trump Tower Was Surveilled

  • Intel Senators: No Indication Trump Tower Was Surveilled

Intel Senators: No Indication Trump Tower Was Surveilled

Comey will address his agency's investigation into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian Federation. Trump has said he had nothing to do with Russian Federation and described the probes as witch-hunts.

The president said his administration "will be submitting certain things" to congressional committees that are investigating his claim that the Obama administration conducted top-secret surveillance on him.

The White House said Friday that Spicer "was simply pointing to public reports, not endorsing any specific story".

The breadth of the probe also includes looking into whether Trump or any of his associates had any connections to the Kremlin and what federal agencies unmasked names of US citizens who were picked up via incidental collection of surveillance.

The bipartisan statements run counter to the unsubstantiated allegations by Trump, who tweeted about the alleged wiretapping nearly two weeks ago.

Reuters reported earlier this week that an unidentified British security official had denied the allegations about Trump.

Graham and Iowa Republican Sen. Mr Trump fired his national security adviser, Mr Michael Flynn, last month after he failed to disclose contacts with Russia's ambassador before Mr Trump took office on Jan 20.

Senate intelligence committee leaders said Thursday that they had seen no indications to support Trump's assertions.

On March 4, Trump sparked a furor with tweets that accused former President Barack Obama of ordering a wiretap on the NY skyscraper, where Trump and his family live and run his real estate empire.

"How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process".

Comparing the alleged action to "McCarthyism", Mr. Trump charged in a tweet last weekend that "This is Nixon/Watergate".

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced Friday it would hold a hearing on Russia's meddling into the USA election on March 30.

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump is sticking with his claim that President Barack Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower a year ago, despite intelligence officials saying there's no evidence that ever happened, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

In a statement, Nunes said the committee still had not received information it requested from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency about whether information collected on USA persons was mishandled and leaked to the public.

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., issued the statement only hours after Trump told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that he would be providing evidence of his claims "very soon".

"But wiretap covers a lot of different things".

"I've always said it's much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another, and I think our conversation proved this", Merkel said in remarks at the pair's joint news conference, a reference perhaps to Trump's campaign criticism that Merkel's open-doors refugee policy had destroyed Germany.