Proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels, other programs worry local directors

  • Proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels, other programs worry local directors

Proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels, other programs worry local directors

"We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good", he said.

Donna Cook, executive director of the Charleston Senior Center, where Summey will volunteer for North Charleston deliveries Tuesday, said her Meals on Wheels program, which serves much of Charleston County, has a $635,000 annual budget.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney defended the proposed cuts, including that to Meals on Wheels. Right now in Chatham County alone, there's a wait list 400 people long, all seniors trying to get the services of Meals on Wheels.

The cuts would take away $3 billion from Community Development Block Grants.

MOWA says that "in the aggregate" local Meals on Wheels programs receive 35 percent of their funding directly from the federal government. Meals on Wheels might be great, but community grants aren't, and he wants to eliminate them.

Other local Meals on Wheels programs have less at stake on the outcome of Trump's proposed budget. In 2015, the program gave US states, territories, and tribal groups a total of $224,673,820 for home meals. Specifically, the funds are allocated by the Older Americans Act and distributed by the Administration on Aging within the Department of Health and Human Services. McCoy says for now, they are not because of how the program is funded in this state.

According to Hollander, Meals on Wheels has had a tremendously successful "public-private partnership", for which every "federal dollar is matched with about three dollars from other sources". But to say Trump is mercilessly cutting a program that saves elderly lives is an oversimplification of the larger budget problem.

The Trump administration has not announced cuts to the 60's era law, but the program worries that cuts could soon be coming.

Mulvaney, obviously, wasn't saying that Meals on Wheels doesn't work. But why bother reporting facts when you can make up a story that will drive Trump's approval ratings even lower? Rather, Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit supporting senior nutrition programs across the country that has been boosted with federal support. "I mean, I use Meals on Wheels not just for daily sustenance, but also because it gets me out of my apartment". Clearly, individuals are ready, willing and eager to support this program once they perceive a need.