Tim Allen Compares Hollywood To "1930s Germany"

  • Tim Allen Compares Hollywood To

Tim Allen Compares Hollywood To "1930s Germany"

The n-word in this case was "Nazi", but instead of invoking the word itself, Allen made a remark comparing Hollywood to " '30s Germany".

During an interview on last week's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian discussed - with noticeable hesitation - attending President Trump's inauguration.

Actor tim allen has been very outspoken about his conservative political beliefs.

Kimmel also played a short "Celebrity Apprentice" parody showing Trump "already cleaning house at PBS", starting with the firing of Big Bird.

Probably best known for his 1990s sitcom Home Improvement, The Santa Clause series of holiday films and as the voice of cartoon space ranger Buzz Lightyear, Allen now stars on the TV comedy Last Man Standing.

Actor Tim Allen seems to be the last conservative man standing in Hollywood. Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't.

But Allen said he enjoyed the Inaugural events, describing seeing the spectacle with his family.

If there's one thing you'll rarely find in Hollywood it's a conservative or even just a mere Republican for that matter.

This portion of the conversation started when Allen told Kimmel he attended these events, and then comedically went on the defensive.

"You get in this town ..."

"You gotta be real careful around here", he said after confirming he was at President Donald Trump " s inauguration. Thursday night. "You get beat up if you don't believe what everybody believes. This is like 30s Germany".

"So the smartest thing about him, which is probably most overlooked, to me, is that he doesn't owe anybody anything and if he would just stick to fixing the bridges, roads and infrastructures that's what he knows how to do. just keep him doing that".