Microsoft finally pulls the plug on Vista

  • Microsoft finally pulls the plug on Vista

Microsoft finally pulls the plug on Vista

If you see "Windows Vista", it might be time to upgrade.

The launch came after numerous delays and it was to be the successor for Microsoft's breakthrough and highly acclaimed operating system, Windows XP.

The old wives' truism that Windows operating systems alternate between great and skippable editions held true through the 2000s, and nowhere was that more evident than Vista.

To find out if you're still using Windows Vista, open your "Start" menu, and type "winver" into the search box. By contrast, Windows 7 has the highest share, running on 69 percent of business PCs.

There are a few characteristics of Windows Vista that made this OS so unpopular among users and critics.

The answer states that Windows Vista users will still be able to access their uPlay client, and will still be able to play their games, but the client will not receive any future updates once support is cut.

Of the IT pros Spiceworks polled, 68 percent also say they are concerned that no more security patches or bug fixes will be released for operating systems like Vista and XP, which can lead to increased security vulnerabilities for businesses. For many people this will be a cause of celebration as the unloved OS gets taken off life support. Microsoft hasn't offered any particular bribes to get them on to Windows 10, so will they go to Windows 7, which is far more like what they're used to?

"If you continue to use Windows Vista after support has ended, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses", Microsoft said in its support forums. Technology has moved on - as have security issues - so jumping ship to a newer OS is definitely a wise move, and despite its faults, Windows 10 is a definite improvement over Windows Vista.

But what happens if you decide to stick with Vista after today?

Beyond that, with official support ended, you'll likely begin encountering applications that aren't compatible with Vista.