Man Trucked By Deer

  • Man Trucked By Deer

Man Trucked By Deer

Exhausted and ready for bed, Cary McCook waved goodbye to his friend who dropped him off in front of his hotel when he saw a large shadow coming his way. "Being April Fools' and all", said McCook.

McCook's friends and family had a hard time believing the incident actually happened, as the tackle occurred on April Fool's Day, but McCook obtained surveillance footage from the inn that corroborated his story.

This is the shocking moment a Canadian rapper was completely taken out by a rampaging DEER which smashed into him outside a hotel lobby. You think teams are gonna feel comfortable sending guys across the middle knowing that HGH Bambi is lined up at safety and champing at the bit to throw a devastating hit on anyone in its vicinity? Watch this video of a deer pummeling a man straight to his ass like a rugby player all hopped up on cheap booze and creatine.

McCook told the CBC, "When I start to make my way towards the entrance I hear three gallops to my left". "I was shocked, jumped back up and went to the truck". Dude, you just got run over by a deer!

McCook is hit by the animal immediately after getting out of the vehicle, leaving him no time to react.