The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Finally Here; Download It Now!

  • The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Finally Here; Download It Now!

The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Finally Here; Download It Now!

When the file finished downloading, Save and Run the "Windows10Upgrade9252.exe" file and click "Yes" in order to allow the app to make the necessary changes on the PC.

Microsoft has revealed that Cortana will be helping out everyone to not only install their Windows 10 systems but will also help users configure a number of things on their PC using just voice commands.

In terms of better security, Windows 10 Creators Update will deliver the Dynamic Lock feature.

The Windows 10 Creators Update has finally arrived, and while most will be excited about the upgrades it brings to the desktop OS, there's also a new features that should have Raspberry Pi fans excited. A similar software update for the Windows 10 Mobile devices would be available later this month.

Using Windows 10 IoT Core with the Creators Update, the software giant has announced, it will be possible to link a compatible Raspberry Pi to the Cortana voice-activated personal assistant system powered by the company's Azure cloud platform.

If you are not in an organization that subscribes to MSDN there is now another option for you to get the Enterprise version of the Creators Update through the TechNet Evaluation Center.

All new Windows 10 PCs that ship with the Creators Update installed now have this feature. According to How-to-Geek, you can upgrade to the Creator's Update manually by using a tool Microsoft provides. During a manual update, the privacy settings experience will be shown to you as part of your first-run experience on the Creators Update.

Windows will alert you when the update is ready to be downloaded on to your machine - note that this might not be on day one (April 11) as Microsoft staggers rollout. Otherwise, you can go to settings on your computer and check for updates.

While not as big of an update as the Anniversary Update that came out a year ago, the Creators Update still includes several notable new features. A new world of mixed reality experience is waiting for you.

How do I get the update?

The Disk Cleanup program does exactly what it says on the box, letting you delete old versions of Windows (in addition to a bunch of other crap).