Hydrogen fuel cell cars creep up _ slowly _ on electrics

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars creep up _ slowly _ on electrics

Hydrogen fuel cell cars creep up _ slowly _ on electrics

Pricing for the new versions has not been announced. Honda's rosy forecast is encouraging, given how many cars it sells. In addition to fuel-cell electric power - which Honda says it still sees as "the ultimate zero-emissions vehicle technology" - the mid-size sedan will be offered in more mainstream plug-in hybrid and battery electric versions. The Honda lineup includes the Fit, Civic, Accord and Clarity Fuel Cell passenger cars, along with the HR-V, CR-V and Pilot sport/utility vehicles, the Ridgeline pickup and the Odyssey minivan. Hooked to a 17-kWh battery pack, that motor will keep the auto moving for up to 42 miles (68 km) on its own. Instead, it gets power by running hydrogen gas through a "fuel cell stack" in which the hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars have two big advantages over electric cars.

Honda is estimating a total driving range of over 530 km, with fuel economy anticipated to be 2.24 litres per 100 kilometres.

The Clarity Electric will come with a fast charging dock, which Honda assures will be able to charge the battery to 80 percent within half an hour.

But there are downsides. Honda states that the EV won't be subject to any production cap, and if enough buyers in other states start waving their checkbooks, it will consider widening the model's availability. Electric auto battery packs can be made in a variety of shapes so they can be squeezed into floors of cars and other out-of-the-way places.

Various companies are working on building more "hydrogen infrastructure" in places like the Northeast.

With the fuel-cell variant (often depicted in burgundy) already offered in select parts of California, Honda will next roll out the EV (pictured in blue) later this year though still as a 2017 model, starting in OR and (you guessed it) California. In short, if you're not quite ready for fuel cell life, Honda still has a Clarity it'd like to sell you.

A key metric for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is how far it can go on electric power alone before the gasoline engine kicks in for power or to generate electricity.

The Japanese automaker unveiled the two new variants on Wednesday at the 2017 NY auto show. While a lot of specifications aren't yet solidified, Honda expects the PHEV to have an all-electric range of 68 kilometres, which the company says is the longest of any plug-in hybrid in the intermediate segment. That's a fraction of the 238 miles of range offered by something like the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Honda's new electric vehicle, the Clarity, is garnering a lot of attention - for all the wrong reasons.

Yet because the infrastructure required for its wide adoption is not yet in place, the company will also offer plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions of the auto.