The Microsoft 'CloudBook' could be Chromebooks' worst nightmare

  • The Microsoft 'CloudBook' could be Chromebooks' worst nightmare

The Microsoft 'CloudBook' could be Chromebooks' worst nightmare

Nonetheless, all PC now running the basic version of Windows 10 are eligible for the Creators Update. Redmond is trying to create an operating system that could cost less or even be free.

Instead, Microsoft may use the event as a venue focusing on creativity and education, especially after the launch of the Windows 10 Creators Update. The rumored Microsoft Surface CloudBook could be the first Windows 10 Cloud machine to hit the scene. Microsoft ended up cutting the price of each version of the inaugural Surface by $150, and then came the write-down.

The problem is Microsoft sees screen brightness at 100% as a battery drain issue, and would prefer users set their brightness lower, a reasonable suggestion when most battery run down tests have the screen at 50% brightness.

What is Windows 10 Cloud?

This is exactly what rumors suggest is happening to the Surface Book. The Surface 3 offers a ideal mix of performance and value starting at $499; however, it is no longer on sale in the Microsoft store.

For now, fans will just have to continue to wait on when the Microsoft "Surface Pro 5" will finally be revealed.

The Surface Book 2 is expected to ditch the 2-in-1 design, and apparently, be a regular laptop with no detachable or 360-degree hinge that can transform the laptop into a tablet, prop it up in tent mode and also be able to use it flat on a table top. However, that's highly unlikely to happen at the May 2 event in NY.

If you haven't bought a Surface Pro 4, now is the time considering that the tablet is available at massive discounts.

Microsoft has now officially announced that it will be holding an event on May 2. Microsoft is believed to be taking aim directly at Chromebooks with Windows 10 in the cloud. Strangely, only certain Windows Phone devices will get the Windows 10 Creators Update. The big focus of the May 2 event is expected to be Windows 10 in the cloud.

Forbes says that a preview the publication went hands on with showed a striped down verison of Widnows that is meant only for running Universal Windows platform apps that are designed for both desktop and mobile devices. Sources suggest it could get powered by an ARM processor, given the fact that the Redmond giant joined hands with Qualcomm previous year to build ARM-based processors.For now, nothing is officially confirmed but we should hear more as Microsoft will host the event in NY in just a few week's time.