Google Is Rumored To Be Giving Chrome An Ad-Blocker

  • Google Is Rumored To Be Giving Chrome An Ad-Blocker

Google Is Rumored To Be Giving Chrome An Ad-Blocker

According to the WSJ, Google is considering whether its ad blocker would block just the one offending ad or the entire page ad entirely.

The first thought with this is that it very much seems like such a feature would cause Google to lose money, seeing how much of its business is based on ads thanks to Adsense. The report claims the feature could launch as soon as the coming weeks and would come to both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome.

The ads that offer the bad experience will be defined by the Coalition for Better Ads which released a list of best practices and standards in March 2017.

The report says "people familiar with the plans" describe the move as a "defensive" one.

The company would rely on the Coalition for Better Ads to determine which ads don't meet the cut, meaning likely blocking for pop-ups, autoplay videos with sound and "prestitial" countdown ads.

Google is reportedly working on an ad blocker. According to the rumor bad-experience ads would not be decided upon by Google, but instead would be categorized by the standards laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads, and the new ad-blocking feature in Chrome would be coded to recognize these types of ads so that when found they would be able to prevent users from having to see them. By offering a way to block only troublesome ads, Google may encourage more consumers to let some ads through, helping reverse the trend of total ad-blockage and the revenue issues that result.

So wait, why would an ad company want to block ads?

What isn't clear is whether Google's tipped ad-blocker will block only the offending advertisements or if it will block all the ads on a website that is found to have sub-standard advertisements. This would give Google control over the ad-blocking market, the ad industry as a whole, and even over its competitors, which offer numerous "unacceptable ad" formats the coalition is targeting.