Donald Trump welcomes Sarah Palin to White House

  • Donald Trump welcomes Sarah Palin to White House

Donald Trump welcomes Sarah Palin to White House

Sarah Palin visited the White House on Wednesday night for dinner, a White House official confirmed to CBS News on Thursday, and she was joined by musicians Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

While the White House has opted not to release visitor logs, it was the three guests themselves who spilled the beans on Twitter and Facebook.

"Well well well looky looky here boogie chillin', I got your Shot Heard Round The World right here in big ol greazya- Washington DC where your 1 & only MotorCity Madman Whackmaster StrapAssasin1 dined with President Donald J Trump at the WhiteHouse to Make America Great Again!"

Conservative rocker and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent on Thursday promised that President Donald Trump will "yank the status quo noose from our collective necks" by supporting hunting. Some people painted this photo-op as "in bad taste" and "inappropriate", but I see nothing inappropriate about three gosh-darn patriots paying tribute to a former First Lady while visiting the White House.

Palin officially endorsed Mr. Trump's presidential bid in January 2016.

Palin vocally supported Trump's White House run a year ago, even attending his final debate with Clinton as a guest last October. Nugent was an outspoken critic of former President Barack Obama and Trump's presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Nugent and Kid Rock each backed Trump over Clinton before Election Day previous year.