Georgia House race to high-stakes runoff as Trump wades in

  • Georgia House race to high-stakes runoff as Trump wades in

Georgia House race to high-stakes runoff as Trump wades in

Democrat Jon Ossoff came within a hair's breadth of dealing a major blow to President Trump Tuesday night, leading a crowded field of nearly a dozen Republicans but falling just short of winning a Georgia Congressional seat outight.

Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel will meet in a runoff for a greater Atlanta congressional seat with national implications. He and the other top vote-getter - Republican candidate Karen Handel, who received 19.8% - will now face off in a runoff election in June, a likely uphill climb for Democrats now that the Republican vote in a reliably GOP district will be consolidated behind one candidate.

In Georgia's jungle primary, candidates of all parties were on a single ballot.

As results trickled in on Tuesday night, Jon Ossoff, 30, narrowly led a field of 18 candidates vying for a US House of Representatives seat that was vacated when Trump named Tom Price as his health secretary.

Liberal celebrities poured money into Ossoff's campaign in hopes of dealing a blow to Republicans during Trump's first 100 days in office.

After the June runoff between Ossoff and Handel was announced, Trump went back to Twitter to gloat. "Beating Ossoff and holding this seat is something that rises above any one person". With the GOP having a single candidate to rally behind, this race now becomes exponentially easier for Republicans to win. But this week, Trump has sent a series of tweets critical of Democrat Ossoff.

Despite controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, Republicans have yet to enact major legislation to fulfill campaign promises.

DUNWOODY, Ga. (AP) - A Georgia congressional election is headed to a high-stakes runoff that's shaping up as a referendum on President Donald Trump ahead of crucial midterm elections next year. He has also mobilized strong opposition against President Trump.

Last Tuesday it was a special election in Kansas where the Republican candidate did just enough to win.

For Democrats, their next two federal contests look very bleak with special elections coming up in Montana and SC where the GOP is expected to easily prevail.

Had Mr Ossoff managed to get more than 50 per cent of the total, he would have won outright.

Handel told "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday morning that she's already spoken to most of her GOP competitors in a push to unite the party. "We will be ready to fight on and win in June if it is necessary", he said.

But she'll run up against Handel backers like 82-year-old Bev Wingate.

"The Democrats went all-in on this race", Spicer told reporters. And perhaps more significantly, Georgia Democrats have a poor record historically in two-party runoff elections (for example, Democrat Jim Martin lost to Republican Saxby Chambliss by almost 15 points in a 2008 Senate runoff).