Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

  • Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

Key facts as Texas governor revives push for 'bathroom bill'

Committee chairman Sen. John Eichelberger (R-Hollidaysburg) said the committee was already booked up with requests for other hearings around the state.

Huberty applauded the lower chamber for considering the legislation even though it didn't have to - since the Supreme Court ruled the system constitutional but barely a year ago.

Cloud, filed House Bill 425, a companion version of the legislation, in the House one month later.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled previous year that the school finance system was in need of serious reform, but ultimately constitutional.

While the "bathroom bill", or Senate Bill 6 continues to be debated, a variation of the bill will soon take center stage.

Several school finance reform advocates asked Taylor to ensure that the plan would help alleviate high local property taxes by getting the state to give more money to schools. "Those of us who believe there should be work requirements and asset tests will have a chance to work with the opponents of the bill to try to come up with a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with".

Welch said that he would not have to make any changes to his physical appearance before going into a women's bathroom, based on local ordinances.

Business leaders in the community are anxious that this bill will further the feeling that Florida has "one of the worst legal climates of all the states" and "tilts the scales even more against business owners", David Hart, executive vice president with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, told the Florida Business Daily. Drew Darby, a San Angelo Republican, introduced an amendment that would reserve decades-old policy and boost funding for small school districts. The provision, proposed by Rep.

Sen. Don White (R-Indiana) thinks they should. Amendments to add the allotment back in have failed so far.

Many of those districts rely on a state aid program created to offset a decade-old tax cut. "Every state study that has been done about school safety has not recommended it".

There are two abortion bills still in play in the 2017 Montana Legislature. That's half of the more than $400 million that districts now receive through the expiring program.

"You can't get a silk purse out of a sow's ear". Aycock really set the thing in motion last session.

"I'm looking forward to debating the bill and if the bill as it currently exists is simply a 75% gas tax increase and dumping it into the same politically corrupt system that we now have that spends that money", says Senator Davis.

The bill would require transportation network companies to comply with state regulations and pay state fees, but they would no longer have to submit to city regulations, including fingerprint background checks.