US, Mexico and Canada Launch Joint Bid to Host 2026 World Cup

  • US, Mexico and Canada Launch Joint Bid to Host 2026 World Cup

US, Mexico and Canada Launch Joint Bid to Host 2026 World Cup

Should the three-nation bid earn hosting rights, a debate is likely to ensue as to whether each should receive automatic qualification to the tournament. But he noted that a final decision on the structure of the games would be determined by Federation Internationale de Football Association. Under the initial plan, the US would be the site of the quarterfinals, semis and finals, with further discussions to determine the full schedule, including the opening game.

Organizers say 10 games would be played in Canada. The United States hosted the 1994 tournament, and the Rose Bowl was the site of the final. The US has hosted the event once in 1994 while Mexico has hosted the event twice in 1970 and 1986.

The final decision on who will host the tournament will be made in 2020. However, after a tainted vote saw Russian Federation and Qatar earn hosting rights for the next two World Cups, the power has been returned to FIFA's 211-member Congress after a almost four-decade long gap in voting rights. In January, FIFA approved an expansion that adds 16 teams to the tournament.

The tournament time period will remain at 32 days.

Even though the CONCACAF joint bid is the frontrunner, history shows that anything can happen. "We looked at bidding alone, and again, decided we wanted to bid with our partners in North America, and we have a strong encouragement from President Trump to that very end".

"There has never been a World Cup where the host countries have not been qualified", Gulati said.

The 2002 World Cup is the only other tournament to be played in multiple countries (Japan and South Korea). According to Sports Illustrated, the USA joined with its neighbors due to FIFA's concerns that President Trump's immigration restrictions could create problems for traveling players and fans.

Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Moncton served as host cities for the 2015 Women's World Cup - with Toronto electing to focus on the Pan-American games that summer.

There are no shortage of stadiums that would be a capable World Cup venue.

Choice of playing surface will be up to Federation Internationale de Football Association although Montagliani said the answer was probably easy to guess.

Has North America ever previously hosted the World Cup? "I would assume this would be the same", he said. The country did host the Women's World Cup two years ago.

Among those present were CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani, who also heads the Canadian Soccer Association.

In a game that seemed more like an exciting tennis match, both Everton and Leicester went goal for goal before the home side stretched out a two goal lead to win it 4-2.

One of the world's grandest and most celebrated sporting events could be coming to North America. Ultimately, this will still predominantly be a USA -led effort.