Gov. Scott to sign controversial education bill Thursday

  • Gov. Scott to sign controversial education bill Thursday

Gov. Scott to sign controversial education bill Thursday

When the legislation becomes law, more than 100 traditional public schools given low grades by the state will be converted into charters - even though the charter sector in Florida is deeply troubled; more than 300 have closed as a result of poor performance. HB 7069 heavily favors charter schools and school choice for Florida students.

The legislation also includes changes to health insurance and retirement plans for state employees. It was the top priority this year for House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who worked relentlessly to get the bill through the Legislature and past Scott's veto pen.

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam said, "Our law enforcement officers and other dedicated public servants work day-in and day-out to make Florida the best place to live, work and raise a family".

It also demands local property taxes be shared with charter schools, but it also provides additional money for poorly-performing public schools.

For Scott and Corcoran, the architect, the bill declares a major shift from continuing reliance on what Republican state Rep. Michael Bileca of Miami described as continuously-failing "traditional public schools".

"I'm very happy for the municipal charter schools", said Cape Coral City Councilmember Jessica Cosden, who serves as the chair for the city's charter school system, the Cape Coral Charter School Authority.

The new mandates recess for some elementary school students, pares down on a few standardized tests and seeks to incentivize charter school companies to set up near chronically failing public schools. "We think, they're all going to go up to a 'C, ' based off the data that we seen", Couch said.

Gov. Rick Scott today will sign a fiercely controversial education bill at a ceremony at an Orlando Catholic school, his office announced this morning. "I think a big part has been educating parent groups about the truth of 7069", said Frost, whose group supports the measure. Judges, elected state attorneys and public defenders will get 10 percent pay hikes. "We want to make sure our kids go to the best schools".

School board member Becki Couch said there is hope for these schools.

"This bill, which faced bipartisan opposition in the State Senate, has the potential to devastate Florida's public education system", he wrote.

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Requires districts to split with charters equally the local money each district raises to pay for capital expenditures.

Charter schools will have to meet certain state criteria to participate, including academic success in other locations and a history of serving low-income students.

The governor acknowledged that the bill also included provisions expanding popular financial aid programs that help tens of thousands of college and university students, including Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars - but he said those programs are unharmed by the veto because they were also embedded in the full state budget that the governor signed June 2.