Win a chance to play dodgeball with Ben Stiller

  • Win a chance to play dodgeball with Ben Stiller

Win a chance to play dodgeball with Ben Stiller

One lucky victor gets to choose whether to play alongside the Globo-Gym Purple Cobras (Me'Shell and Blazer are back) or LeFleur's Average Joes (we see you, Justin Long) in one high-stakes rematch.

They have now reprised the roles after a 13-year break to launch a charity campaign with Omaze.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are reuniting onscreen for the first time since their surprise split earlier this year.

Average Joe's Peter LaFleur (played by Vaughn) along with Kate and Justin interrupt Goodman's sales pitch with a counter offer for fans to play with them. "Miss me?" White explains that he's chosen to interrupt your Internet life because he's made a decision to get with the PC times and organize a little charity dodgeball.

So, get your wrenches ready, everyone because, as Patches O'Houlihan wisely taught us, "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball". In this case all donations will be going to The Stiller Foundation with the specific aim to bring educational opportunities to children around the world who otherwise might never have the chance. Or you can donate more and get things like autographed items or a bike.

Both Stiller and Vaughn are enlisting players to their respective dodgeball teams by asking fans to pick a side and sign up on Omaze's website: or

You can find out more, or enter for a chance to join one of the teams yourself, here. Other possible prizes include a mountain bike, a set of Globo Gym sweatcuffs, and a signed DVD.