[E3 2017] Local Co-Op Confirmed for Super Mario Odyssey

An all-new mod for the classic adventure platformer Super Mario 64 adds the most game-changing new feature of the upcoming Switch title to a game many have adored for almost two decades, and it's absolutely glorious.

In the local co-op mode, players will see that Mario's hat will float around Mario's head. Obviously, in this case the second player doesn't have almost as much control over things as the two-player mode in Super Mario Galaxy but it's still a neat feature for people who want to play the game together in some capacity. During co-op mode, a prompt appears onscreen to show players how to control Mario and Cappy independently.

As per usual, Mario can jump and run just like in preceding titles. Cappy is also invincible and can attack enemies for Mario to keep him out of danger.

Cappy is also unbeatable. It basically does acts that Mario wouldn't be able to accomplish on his own.

Either way, the Nintendo Switch's first year looks pretty strong!

What Can Cappy Do In Co-op Mode?

In this mode, Cappy can't actually collect Moons (the Odyssey equivalent of Stars), which is good - since Cappy can fly around making it too powerful might break the game.

"That's was certainly intentional on our part", Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said during the livestream. Both players will also have control of the game's camera as well. "Super Mario 3D World" had four-player co-op, but camera view was limited due to the number of players on the screen.

Each Kingdom has its own special coins that can be used to buy outfits to change Mario's appearance The three Super Mario Odyssey amiibo will let you unlock each character's wedding outfit, while all amiibo now on sale will also be supported.