Jury hears Bill Cosby's apology for 2004 sexual encounter

  • Jury hears Bill Cosby's apology for 2004 sexual encounter

Jury hears Bill Cosby's apology for 2004 sexual encounter

Bill Cosby said he gave Benadryl to Andrea Constand, but there's reason to think the substance wasn't that benign, prosecutors at his sexual assault trial suggested Friday.

"This so-called expert is ... telling this jury that this offender is guilty."

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Although Valliere did not talk about Constand, the defense argued she "crossed the line" into being too specific by discussing scenarios that are "eerily similar" to the case.

Jurors on Friday also saw Cosby's statement in 2005 that he offered to pay for graduate school for Constand after her mother confronted him.

The judge in the Bill Cosby trial listened to arguments from both the prosecution and defense teams before ruling that a mistrial was not indicated.

"Whatever the content of the article is, it is not relevant to this case", Judge Steven O'Neill told Cosby's lawyers, declining efforts to show the article in full to the jury.

The prosecution rested their case Friday, which means the trial will be turned over to Cosby's defense attorney - who still isn't ruling out the possibility that their client might testify.

The district attorney in Montgomery County, where Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, revealed pieces of the 2005 civil deposition in which Cosby was asked why he concealed the pills' identity in a later phone conversation with Constand and her mother, Gianna. But he said in the deposition that he did not intend to get the foundation involved in the proposed payments to Andrea Constand.

Cosby testified in the deposition he thought he'd caused trouble because he was 66 at the time and Constand was 30.

During the lunch break, Andrew Wyatt - a spokesman for Cosby - told reporters the comedian's wife hasn't appeared in court this week because he wants to keep her away from the "media circus". "I apologized", Cosby said in the deposition, according to USA Today.

Constand told jurors that she became barely conscious and unable to resist.

According to WHYY reporter Laura Benshoff, who spoke with NPR's All Things Considered, Constand described meeting Cosby at a Temple basketball game, where he inquired about some facilities in the women's locker room.

As TMZ reports, it's possible that the Bill Cosby defense team dodged a bullet when the court denied their motion to introduce evidence regarding Ms. Constand's sexuality. He contends the sexual encounter was consensual.

"When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?" the comic and "The Cosby Show" star once known as America's Dad was asked.

But as he left the witness stand after reading Cosby's own words back to the panel of seven men and five women, Montgomery County Detective James Reape had made no mention of the once popular '70s party drug.

During a transcript of a phone call that was recorded by Constand's mother, Cosby turned defensive. Constand testified this week that the pills Cosby gave her prevented her from articulating that she didn't consent or physically removing herself from the situation.