Paul George intends to leave Pacers next year

  • Paul George intends to leave Pacers next year

Paul George intends to leave Pacers next year

IN wil nearly certainly try to trade George before the season begins, and Magic Johnson should already be on the phone with Kevin Pritchard to try to acquire the All-Star. But if you're the Lakers, why take a chance?

"His mind is in the right place in terms of the type of players I want to play with and be around", George said of his meeting with Pritchard.

He did not ask management for a trade, but Wojnarowski says striking up a deal during the 2017-18 season would make the most sense for the Pacers, otherwise the team risks losing their biggest star for nothing.

"They're all insane", he said. Failing that, the Pacers are stripped of their strongest leverage for keeping George in IN, especially given years of rumors that he'd prefer to spend the next part of his career playing for the Lakers.

George can sign a four-year deal worth as much as $130 million with Los Angeles next year.

George averaged 23.7 points and 6.6 rebounds for the Pacers this season. The George-to-L.A. rumors first popped up around the trade deadline in February, and now George has reportedly made it clear he plans to leave Indy in free agency.

The downside to this is that it's been reported by Woj; this means other teams are well aware of his plans, and the Pacers may lack leverage in any potential trade talks to Los Angeles or otherwise. "I've been dealing with this since last season, but I'm just living in the moment".

Bird stepped down from the role this spring, seemingly paving the way for moving George. That's all that needs to really be known. Do they trade for George now and assure that he'll be a Laker, giving up a pick and a player like Julius Randle or D'Angelo Russell? The current CBA makes that contract only available to George under a narrow set of circumstances, and only from the Pacers. "But I think I guess we'll see how things go".