Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

  • Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

Two police officers were killed and five wounded during the attack, Reuters reports, citing Danish.

An Afghan soldier opened fire Saturday at a base shared with USA forces in northern Afghanistan, wounding at least seven US soldiers in the second such insider attack last week.

In a statement, the Taliban greeted a "patriot soldier who carried out an attack, killing and wounding six American soldiers" without specifying whether this assailant, a member of the armed forces, came from their ranks.

According to the sources, four more attackers stormed the gate after the blast, with at least two quickly killed by police while the others held out against Afghan Special Forces that had responded to the attack, Danish said.

At least five policemen were killed and eight others injured early Sunday in a suicide bombing and subsequent firefight in Afghanistan's south-eastern Paktia province, an official said.

A United States military official said seven American soldiers had been evacuated after being wounded in the incident at Camp Shaheen, the headquarters of the Afghan army's 209th Corps in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the raid.

Analysts say such attacks are expected to increase this year as USA troops engage with the Afghan military to double the size of its special forces, considered to be effective in the fight against insurgents.

About sixty soldiers were killed on their bases, mostly at night, in the southern province of Kandahar alone around the end of May.

Last week, a Taliban infiltrator in the Afghan army shot two US soldiers dead before being killed.

One of the five attackers was still holding out more than five hours after the coordinated assault began, Shirzad said.

Since they launched their spring offensive in late April, the Taliban have been mounting lethal assaults on positions of the Afghan army and police, who have lost several dozen men in recent weeks. The total number of soldiers wounded is 193.