Trump orders more cash, industry input, for apprenticeships

  • Trump orders more cash, industry input, for apprenticeships

Trump orders more cash, industry input, for apprenticeships

With President Trump's instructions, Vice President Mike Pence has hired Richard Cullen, his own lawyer to represent the U.S. President in the special counsel investigation and congressional inquiries into Russia's role in the 2016 election, the CNN reported.

Trump accepted a challenge earlier this year from a CEO to create 5 million new apprenticeships.

White House Special Advisor Ivanka Trump has been leading the apprenticeship project with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta.

The new executive order encourages federal agencies to help nongovernmental and noncollege organizations create apprenticeship programs that could be fast-tracked for federal registration status.

The president has sold training programs as an affordable and secure alternative to a traditional four year degree.

Trump's executive order also requires all federal agencies that participate in apprenticeship programs or workforce training to examine whether their efforts are duplicative or could be combined with other programs to greater effect.

The Trump administration, like President Barack Obama's, says there's a need that can be met with a change in the American attitude toward vocational education and apprenticeships.

Jobs for the Future, a nonprofit that helps promote skills training and job opportunities for low-income people, supports apprenticeship programs that have the Labor Department's stamp of approval, says the group's president, Maria K. Flynn. There are shortages in agriculture, manufacturing, information technology and health care.

President Donald Trump is again highlighting the stories of people whose health care premiums have skyrocketed as he tries to push a GOP replacement plan.

Another successful model is the state-run Apprenticeship Carolina program in SC, which serves as an intermediary between businesses, workers and educational institutions.

"If you're really interested in promoting apprenticeship, you have to invest in that skills training", said Mike Rosen, president of the Milwaukee chapter of the American Federation of Teachers union. "We have to make sure the people are here and they're going to be well trained", Trump said.

By definition, apprenticeships link education with skills that are in demand, and evidence suggests they are effective in terms of wage and job outcomes.

Wisconsin Democratic senator Tammy Baldwin said Mr Trump's "rhetoric doesn't match the reality" of budget cuts he is proposing that would reduce government job training funding by 40% from 2.7 billion to 1.6 billion dollars.

Trump's top aides have made it clear that he envisions a far wider reach for apprenticeships than now exists. These Federal programs must do a better job matching unemployed American workers with open jobs, including the 350,000 manufacturing jobs now available.

"Apprenticeships typically take the form of an employer and some type of education provider teaming up to offer hands-on training to prospective workers", explains Andy Smarick of the American Enterprise Institute. There are "6 million vacant jobs in the United States, the highest level on record" with "too few women and minorities working in STEM fields". There also are questions about oversight of apprenticeship programs that begin and operate nearly completely under the control of the company. The number of apprenticeships grew substantially under Obama, from roughly 350,000 in 2010 to more than half a million today.

"So I do welcome a streamlining of the approach to getting companies to adopt apprenticeship", said Lerman, who spoke before text of the EO was released.

So-called industry-certified apprenticeship programs would undermine quality apprenticeshipsUndermines the definition of apprenticeship.

The Trump administration is doing the right thing by helping to provide for alternatives to college.