Document says Trump hotel brought in nearly $20M

But they seem guaranteed to further distract the president from his stalled agenda, which includes healthcare reform marooned in the Senate as some Republicans demand a re-write, tax reform that still only exists as a series of talking points, his first budget, the wall with Mexico, EPA budget cuts blocked by Congress and his travel ban for people from a series of Muslim-majority countries.

That's the Office of Government Ethics to the uninitiated, and its tweet links to President Donald Trump's newly filed disclosure report.

The report covers liabilities, investments, assets, income, retirement accounts and other holdings between January 2016 and April 2017.

Trump refused to sell his business holdings as president, as experts in government ethics urged him to do.

His assets probably exceeded $1.4bn because the disclosure form provided ranges of values.

Mar-a-Lago, Trump's Florida resort where he spent several weekends after assuming office, brought in $37.2 million in income, according to the paperwork.


Trump filed the new financial disclosure Friday with the Office of Government Ethics. On the financial side of things, the liabilities did not increase much from past year and more or less remained the same at around $315 million.

Donald Trump has secured 11 million of Miss Universe beauty after selling the rights to competitions in 2015. Documents released in April show that Trump is the beneficiary of the trust and is allowed to draw money from it at any time. However, a spokesman said in December that Trump had liquidated his entire stock portfolio in June 2016, around the time he began pouring millions into his presidential campaign. The document shows Trump refinanced one $7 million loan previously held by UBS Group AG with Ladder Capital Finance LLC, a commercial mortgage lender that's been one of his preferred partners over the last five years. Administrations often release promised documents once journalists have left the office for the weekend, hoping that any damaging info would get lost in the news cycle turnover. It states that he made $19.7 million from his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club and made $14.4 million from his Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland.

The financial disclosures released aren't as detailed as tax returns would be.

Mr. Trump declared $19,666,129 in "hotel-related revenue" from the Washington, D.C. Trump International Hotel, which was opened in mid-September 2016. Unlike previous occupants of the Oval Office, Trump neither divested his assets nor set up a blind trust.

Two days later, he resigned from 476 businesses, including companies active in Brazil, Canada and China, according to a document released by the Trump Organization. The income listed for Trump enterprises generally represent gross revenue, not net revenue.

His golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on the other hand, produced nearly 20 million dollars in revenue, about what it had during the previous reporting period.

Mr Trump and the Justice Department have called those claims baseless. That is just Trump's personal income, separate from the profits and losses of the Trump Organization, though he does still hold a financial interest in the company.