Germany: Climate will last longer than Trump presidency

  • Germany: Climate will last longer than Trump presidency

Germany: Climate will last longer than Trump presidency

It is hard to claim President Donald Trump's decision last week to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord on climate change will necessarily have a negative long-term effect on the environment.

Since signing the commitment, Lehigh has pursued a number of related initiatives, including the Campus Sustainability Plan 2020, which commits to building more efficient infrastructure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting climate change and adaptation strategies.

Trump's decision to move out of the Paris Agreement was a mistake, said Humphrey School professor Robert Kudrle.

Although Hawaii already has strong environmental rules, the new law is the first to directly refer to the standards of the Paris agreement, said Glen Andersen, who tracks energy and climate issues at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The South African government has asked the United States to reconsider its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

"The American government may have pulled out of the agreement, but the American people remain committed to it and we will meet our targets", Bloomberg said. We will buy and create more demand for electric cars and trucks.

President Trump badly underestimated the political and diplomatic blowback from withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

Climate change, caused primarily by greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, has led to changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events around the world.

Horowitz said California, with one of the toughest environmental policies in the US, has shown how clean energy can benefit the local economy. It's actually drawn tremendous investment for its clean tech sector in California.

Not only members of the European Union countries have rejected Trump's offer to renegotiate the agreement, also in the U.S. some states are themselves recoiling from the polluter-in-chief decision. Governors, state houses and mayors are standing up to do what's best for the American people-spurring clean energy innovation, creating good-paying jobs, while protecting our children and communities from pollution.

Governor David Y Ige signed two bills in Honolulu on Tuesday alongside a handful of the state's mayors.

"The president is turning his back on states that voted for him", Bruce said. "We know that per unit of power new solar and wind power stations now offer electricity at cheaper rates than new coal power stations - no decision made in another capital should undermine our commitment to our nation's future wellbeing".