Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

  • Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

It comes after Qatar's Gulf neighbours Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain broke off relations with Doha on 5 June and launched a blockade on the country, after accusing it of supporting "terrorism". Doha denies the charges.

Other countries, including Gulf state Kuwait, have joined in attempts to heal the rift in the region.

Erdogan dubbed the Saudi-led actions as tantamount to a "death penalty" imposed on Qatar, which he said was the target of a defamation campaign.

They then released a list of 59 people and several organisations who are linked to Qatar and named on a terror watch list; including the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, and ISIS.

"It is nearly like a death sentence has been issued for the country".

Saudi Arabia has closed the Qatari peninsula's only land border, threatening imports of both fresh food and raw materials needed to complete a $200 billion infrastructure project for the 2022 football World Cup.

The Eritrean government on Monday officially disclosed that it is behind full support of positions taken by Saudi Arabia and its allies over escalating Qatar-Gulf disputes.

The only flight avenue open at present is through Iranian airspace.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards, a powerful branch of the country's military, vowed revenge for the attacks and blamed them on longstanding regional rival Saudi Arabia.

Al Thani reportedly hailed Iran as an "Islamic power" and criticized US President Donald Trump's policy towards Tehran.

The Amnesty chief said a delegation from the body, which had earlier visited Qatar, documented around 700 instances in which the Saudi-led measures had resulted in rights violations.

"We support all efforts by countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Arab League that are seeking to mediate a peaceful resolution".

"Dialogue should be continued under all circumstances so the existing problems can be solved in a peaceful way", he said, according to Turkish state news agency Anadolu last week.

Turkey's parliament last week approved deploying troops to a Turkish base in Qatar in what was seen as a show of support for its embattled ally.